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Making The Most Of Compact Urban Landscaping Design

Make the most of compact landscape

The choices you make about your landscaping are a big deal, even if the space you're working with is small. Think about it like selecting details like epoxy flooring for the inside of your home; the right flowers and greenery are creating a floor and backdrop for the outside of your home.

Professional landscaping isn't just about the installation; it's also about the right design. The expert you work with should be able to show you options and design something you'll love, even for tighter and more compact outdoor areas.

City Living Can Still Mean Landscaping Solutions

Call it what you like; tiny, compact, or minimal spaces can still be dressed up with stunning landscaping solutions. In fact, urban settings are notorious for stunning rooftop gardens you can't see anywhere else. So, before you give up, consider these design tips for a successful urban landscaping layout:

Use color to your advantage - Too much color can make a small space feel even more congested. However, all green can be rather dull. Select a few of the most effective hues for flowers or plants to create landscaping that feels bigger.

Grow up, especially if you can't grow out - Using vertical garden design or climbers to achieve height in place of extending outward can offer excellent results. As long as it can work with your wall (and code requirements), the sky's the limit.

Look for skinny and tall options - While a traditional home may have room for round bushes or chunky shrubbery, think in the opposite direction. There are some stunning shrubs and trees that can do wonders for creating a magical garden oasis.

Besides the plants and flowers, smaller gardens are a great place to incorporate decorative pots, antique focal points, and other details that would get lost in a vast landscaping plan spread out over a larger plot of land. For more information and to get started on your landscaping for outside or epoxy flooring for indoors, call Specialty Building Solutions for outstanding service in New York City.

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