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Corrosion & Rust Protection Professionals Serving Clients In New York City

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Addressing the need for corrosion & rust protection as a New York City property owner should be a priority. Specialty Building Solutions can help you with this and many other property improvements and management services.

Rust, or corrosion, is the progressive deterioration of metals through the oxidation process over time. Rust and corrosion may happen eventually or quickly, but prevention is imperative. The negative ramifications of this process can range from tarnishing the appearance to compromising the structural integrity, none of which are worth the risk.

Below is a list of common surfaces that gather rust and corrosion:

  • Enamel paint
  • Liquid rubber
  • Steal pipes mechanical room
  • Steal beams

Elastomeric Coatings For A Vapor & Moisture Barrier

At the root of the problem causing rust and corrosion is moisture intrusion. The key to prevention is using Elastomeric Coatings For A Vapor & Moisture Barrier.

Moisture happens whether you want it to or not, including coming up naturally through concrete floors. While epoxy coatings can help reduce the amount of moisture present, they can't eliminate it. What you need is a barrier to help prevent vapors and moisture from escaping and getting into your interior space.

We work with residential and commercial clients to help minimize the presence of vapors and moisture to reduce the risk of resulting damages. We'll show you the options you have available and then install or apply the product that will be the most effective for your unique circumstances. Contact us today for corrosion & rust protection.

Prevention With Added Protection

Many potential contributing factors lead to rust and corrosion:

  • Condensation of water vapor
  • Humidity
  • Hydrogen and oxygen exposure
  • Air salinity
  • Corrosive gasses like chlorine
  • Various chemical content

Proper planning and design for modern building and renovation projects can vastly reduce the potential for rust and corrosion but not eliminate it. Trust Specialty Building Solutions for taking care of your property in New York City with outstanding corrosion & rust protection.

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