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Snow Removal To Help Property Owners In New York City

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Specialty Building Solutions is available for professional snow removal services in New York City. Not only is professional snow and ice management more convenient, but it may also be mandatory depending on where you live or where your business is located. For more information, feel free to contact us.

For residential homes, it's essential to work with your HOA to devise a plan of action during inclement weather because it's not a matter of if it will happen; it's a matter of when. We can work with you through your HOA for neighborhood clearing or independently to remove snow for just your property.

According to the NYC Administrative Code, commercial properties must clear snow and ice from sidewalks for the front, side, and back of the property - even if you're a renter, not the owner. Being prepared for winter weather is critical, so you know what to do when a storm arrives.

Ice Management

It's hard to believe that the top New York City epoxy flooring company is also the preferred local resource for snow removal and ice management. However, we take the same approach to everything we do, whether it's epoxy flooring, landscaping, or snow and ice removal. Quality work for a job well done and nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

There are many reasons why getting ahead of winter weather and having a plan for snow and ice is so critical:

  • Avoid fines for noncompliance
  • Prevent slip-and-fall injuries
  • Avoid liability for accidents and injuries
  • Reduce resulting sidewalk repair issues from prolonged exposure to ice
  • Convenience and safety for yourself, neighbors, customers, employees, and the general public

Dealing With Snow & Ice The Smart & Safe Way

Did you know that the ridge left at the end of your driveway from passing snow plows is your responsibility to clean up? When city or commercial plows move through to clean the streets, the snow ridge left behind is, unfortunately, your problem to contend with. There's no good reason to risk back injuries, exhaustion, or heart strain associated with snow removal when you can let our team clear it for you.

Let Specialty Building Solutions handle your snow removal in New York City! Call today to discuss a plan of action for winter weather, even before the season arrives.

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